Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The cooker, porta potty and chart table

It may seem a bit strange to talk about the cooker, porta potty and chart table in the same post but in addition to their separate entities and functions together they become one.

This is how things looked when I obtained Little Grace.

The cooker (obviously): There is no wood under the base plate of the grill to save some weight.
In the space under the cooker there are two washing-up bowls, one inside the other. They just fit through the top of the opening at the front, where I have cut a recess on the right to allow the lip of the bowl to go through. They rest at the bottom of the unit, where there is a plywood base. This means that they and what they contain are secure when we are on a port tack. 
Domestic things are kept in the top bowl and the dinner sized plates live in the bottom bowl.

The chart table: This is just the right size to hold the chart books that are standard here. There is a fiddle and non-slip matting to help hold them in place.

The porta potty (obviously): As you can see the controls are accessible. The unit's hinged lid means the porta potty is used in location. Note that if its use requires that Little Grace is hoved to we will make sure we are on a starboard tack. 

With the lid closed the unit becomes a handy table.........

...... or a handy seat, which is at just the right height, given the low headroom, for working at the chart table. And so the separate units make up the whole.

Also see new stove.

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