Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jiffy Reefing

While we were nearly becalmed I took the opportunity to video the newly completed jiffy reefing system. The video is at the end of this post.

I wanted to be able to reef from the cockpit/companionway but did not want to bring more lines onto the coach roof and risk reducing the ability to move about the deck without tripping over something. The solution I used was to keep all the lines on the boom based on the excellent example (click to view in new window)  in the blog for "A Silhouette called Misty". You can see the setup and the fittings I used on Little Grace in detail in the video at the end of this post.

I installed the system I use for the leech, at the aft end of the boom, back in 2010. In this photo you can see the cleat for the second reef of the leech (excuse the tatty ends of the reefing lines - the boat was thrown back together that year). The other side is identical and the reef is achieved by pulling the line tight and securing to the cleats. You can see it in the video below; this time the second reef is hidden under the sail but all will be made clear in the video at the end of this post.

I decided to simplify the aft end in this way because, when reefing, I bring the boom to the center line and can reach the aft end while standing in the cockpit. As reefing the leech is done after the tack and halyard is on the starboard side of the coach roof  there does not seem to be a downside. Once reefed I add an extra line through the clew and around the boom for extra strength.

Until now the system for the luff at the fore of the boom has been the reefing hook that came with Little Grace when I got her. I was not able put the hook in place without going to the mast and that did not make sense because the halyard had been run back to the cockpit by a previous owner. But, for now at least, I will keep it as a backup. I can adjust the gooseneck slide on the mast from the companionway by standing on the edge of the port and starboard cabin seats; I have protected the paintwork accordingly. Note that the gooseneck fitting on the boom is the one that came with Little Grace but the boom itself is new (2010) because the old one was bent.

The video below reveals all.

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