Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Grace for sale

With some sadness we have decided that we have to sell Little Grace because, with a toddler to keep happy, we need a bigger boat. 

Whoever buys Little Grace will be getting a great deal because the price does not reflect the work and materials that have gone into her refurbishment, to say nothing of the value of her new sails and an engine that has had little use but that's the way it goes. 

You may think that I am bound to make the statements above but if it was just Tuulia and I to consider we certainly would not be selling. Little Grace has been great for weekend breaks and day sails. She can go where many other sail boats can't because of her shallow draft, which has meant we have been able to make full use of the limited range of destinations enforced on us by time constraints. Because of her size Little Grace is always fun, relatively quick and easy to handle; having to let her go is sad. On the upside I have learnt a lot during her refurbishment that will bring skills to future tasks on her replacement and have the memories of the time we have had on the water. 

You can see Little Grace's advert here: