Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rigging for light wind running and reaching sails

Here is the setup for the drifter and spinnaker. In these videos you can see the arrangements in the first test of the gear using a poled out genoa rather than the drifter or, in the case of the pole, the spinnaker - one step at a time.

In the first video you can see the arrangement for sheeting to the quarters. The Barton blocks clipped onto the cleats normally live clipped onto the pushpit so they are out of the way when the cleats are needed for mooring. The turn around the other cleat, that also acts as a fairlead to the cam cleat, is deliberate and there is room for a second turn if needed.

In the second video you can see the rigging for the pole, well at least the principle. When rigged for the spinnaker the downhaul for the pole will be the white line that you can see in the clam cleat (in the vieo it is rigged as a downhaul for the genoa). The red line will be replaced by the halyard for the spinnaker that will be rigged via the double standup block you can see the foresail halyard rigged through. The uphaul for the pole is bungee cord that is clipped onto a D ring attached to the mast just within my reach. This means that only one line has to be adjusted to change the vertical angle of the pole.

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