Sunday, March 11, 2012

No Spaghetti

I have been working on the boat but I seem to spend more time thinking and planning than doing the work itself. Nonetheless, Little Grace is moving forward, albeit slowly; hopefully all the planning will save time in the end.  
Little Grace is a small boat and yet she has wires strung everywhere. Most of these were run individually along the same routes by previous owners and the result was an untidy mess, most of which was out of sight but not out of mind.

This wiring is on view over the V birth. Some of it runs to the cabin lights, some to the bow navigation lights and the rest to the masthead VHF aerial and all round white light. It had been previously covered in black rather than white plastic, which had been daubed in different coloured paints during various incarnations of the forepeak. It is amazing how long it took to recover.

Wires following the same route were easy to bundle.

In several places individual wires hung like washing lines between their entry and exit points of various parts of the boat. These are now routed out of the way and will no longer serve their previous purpose of major irritants and snares for the unwary. This one, carrying the power for the transom navigation light, is under the cockpit/above the port quarter birth.

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