Sunday, July 17, 2011

Under wraps

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Work continues

The sailing club's boat shed has some holes in the roof and the local bird population makes contributions to the rain that dips down from time to time. Additionally the end of the shed is open to the elements. But even with all this there is nothing like the beating Little Grace would get from the weather in our garden every winter and spring. Even though she was covered last winter the covers themselves did a lot of damage as they shuddered and shook in the unforgiving winds.

Although it would not last long where we live, in the relative calm of the boat shed the van/car cover pictured above seems like a good investment at €200. It protects the work being done now and will protect the finished boat during future winters. It is tall enough and wide enough to allow work on all areas in comfort and at the moment the other side is opened up for ventilation.