Saturday, May 14, 2011

A timely intervention

It is obvious that a long time ago someone fitted out little grace very well. It is also obvious that she has gone without proper maintenance for a long time since that knowledgeable person sold her. The person who owned her before me did not have her long. Although they started work they did not get very far and to my mind some of the changes were cosmetic, although others, such as replacing the portlights, were more fundamental and an indication of good intent.

The archaeology of the paintwork and evidence of previous fittings on the inside of the hull suggest that there has been only one major refit and refurbishment since original production. Amongst other things the person(s) involved in that put in a V birth, took out the sea toilet and replaced the original locker. It is not clear if the shelving was a later addition but the workmanship is of a lower standard, which suggests it was. The owner who had Little Grace before me had replaced the facing/cabin lining for these.

Now the good work of whoever did the major refit is on the verge of giving up permanently. Water that has been in the bilge since the condition of the glass fibre sheathing deteriorated has got into the woodwork and caused it to rot, as the photos below show.

A rough repair

Aft locker

Something that used to be kept in this cockpit locker was rusty

Bilge area